Lost Nero icons because of WM 11, hot to get them back? thanks

just mistakenly did Windows Media 11 and it changed the icons in Nero; how do you change the’ WM override back to the Nero green icons? thanks

Go into “Options” and then “File Types” in WMP11 and uncheck all the ones you don’t want to WMP 11 to be the default player for.
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Wobble: thank you, I appreciate your time; let me try this before I take out my hammer and find that mouse…

Welcome to the forum audiophile111 ! Spoken like a true PC expert, yes a hammer seems to fix any problem and if not! Use a BIGER Hammer :slight_smile:

Yes, and then when you figure out what was wrong after you smash it use duct tape. If you can’t fix it with duct tape “IT’S BROKE”! :stuck_out_tongue: