Lost my vhs to dvd transfer(in the dog house help)

Hi please help i transfered my home vhs tapes onto dvs great.Then the trouble starts,i did not finalise the discs hence my kids christmas,birthdays holidays and christinings are all on them 3 discs in total.

Can anyone help or firms that can help me out all these have my children on them which are nice to look back on(plus the wife is none too pleased with me and is upset :sad: :sad: )Some people have mention an iso buster great but it won’t let me do those files don’t know why.

I am willing to pay anyone that can retrieve my family movies knowing that i can once more watch them and my wife would be very glad indeed.

I transfered the vhs striaght to a dvd recored via scart cable so no pc involved and not on my pc.As i mentioned there is footage on the disc’s it’s just not being able to watch the disc’s that’s the problem. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Does your PC have a DVD writer? If so you can try to finalise the disc on that instead.

Your DVD recorder won’t let you finalise now?

What DVD recorder did you use for the transfer?

My pc does have a dvd re-writer lieton,how can i finalise it that way?

The dvd recorder was a pacific one which gave up the ghost treis on someone elses same machine but it won’t allow me to finalise,thought it would being the same make and model bit no chance.

That is a big problem. Normally you need to finalise the dvd in the same recorder as the dvd was made. Unfortunately that’s a menu setting some manuals tend to forget.

First thing to do is if there actually is a device that notices the content on your dvd’s. If so, you have a chance to grab “some finalise product” to do the last part of the process. Or perhaps use a tool like IsoBuster or DvDdecrypter can extract the data so that you can make normal backups (which then are of course finalised).

hi i have iso buster whats the process to do the transfer please.

i have extracted it ok but trhen says i need to register the key to order.

If you could sort out the 3 disca that need doing i am will to cover both postage costs and pay you something for helping me out thanks you.

Neil - try and finalise the disc in your DVD writer first. Have a look at this thread as far as post #13 (after which it goes off-topic):


No work gets to 5% then disc ejesct and message unspecified record error?

What program did you use - Nero or DVD Decrypter?

hey if you want someone to fix your videos free of charge email me at
* email address edited out * and we will get them back. I do have experiance in the “video world”. and would be glad to help ya out. make them into nice dvd that play in any dvd player to.


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