Lost my DVD Drive?



OK, this is my work PC, a Compaq EVO and it has a DVD player drive that also writes CDs (not DVDs). Anyway, I got a promotional DVD from one of our vendors and popped it in thinking it would autorun and I could watch the piece. Nope, nothing happened :confused: So I click on Windows Explorer and realized the drive letter wasn’t showing up in the list. I then go to control panel and the drive is listed, properties indicate its working OK. Then I click on MY Computer and the drive isn’t there either.

BTW, I go into Device Manager and the drive is shown, but with an exclamation noting it isn’t working. I did the MS Windows update for a “driver” and it says the correct driver is already installed. I’m using Windows 2000 on this machine. After Googling around for an answer… I did notice that several similar problems showed up when users deleteted iTunes… and I did delete iTunes a week ago. So I reinstalled iTunes and rebooted… nothing has changed. Still no DVD drive :confused: .

I use this PC but confess to hardly ever using the optical drive. I’ll keep messing with it, but if anyone is laughing and wondering why I didn’t check “XXXXX” please clue me in… I’m very humble.


just remove the upper/lower filters that should fix it


I did try that yesterday and Windows would not let me delete those filters. I will try again today.


maybe its user account related,are you running as admin?


Weird… I’m not Admin, but I rebooted and the second time it allowed me to delete the filters. Got the drive back… but I also re-installed iTunes (which I don’t use). Now I don’t know if I should uninstall iTunes or just let it go.


if you no longer use itunes theres really no reason to keep it


I’ve never used it… I “inherited” that pc from my boss. It was his home pc and I’ve been trying to remove all the junk programs off it, but many are just fragments of programs. I’ll try taking off iTunes again.