Lost my drive

Well this is the story of my life… I just installed the old zip drive from my old comp so that I could access some of the info from it, I installed it just like it was on the old comp, on the same ribbon as the c/d burner. Now that I put it on the same ribbon as my dvd burner the zip works but when I go to “my computer” then properties I only see iomega d:drive, no more burner.What did I do wrong? When I put a cd in the burner nothing happens, the light on front of drive flashes a few times then that is it. :confused:


Check your “master” and “slave” jumpers on the back of the drives and remember that the Master drive goes on the end of the cable and the Slave goes in the middle of the cable-


I’m with bigmike7 about the jumper settings. Probably something really simple.

bigmike7 (kindof OT):
How does it affect burner performance if it’s set to Master yet is put on the middle connection of the IDE cable? For example, if the way my case is laid out, the IDE cable is physically too short for the middle IDE connection to reach the Slave drive, etc. Thanks.

I feel really stupid now… I didn’t even give that a thought when I was hooking everything up. I was just so excited to see some of the old family pics I had on those zip disks. Thanks for the advice :bow: :clap:

Yo ninbang-

I just ran into that same problem with a Sony cable that came with my Vaio desktop (12" long") and solved it with a 18" long 80 wire 40 pin that had several more inches between the connectors-

Usually your optical drives will be at the top of the case and your hard drives will be near the middle - so they are logically laid out-

I have really never had the guts nor the need to try a master in the middle connection and a slave on the end connection - so I really do not know how it would work - maybe someone else can answer that question-


It only maters if you have the drives jumpered to cable select. If they are jumpered to master and slave it doesn’t make a diffrence. I have hooked them up backwards many times and never ran into any issues.

Yo ripper-

Thanks Bra - knew that someone would have tried this at one time or another-