Lost My B-ray reader/writer



I have a Pioneer BDR-205 which was working fine. Suddenly it is not available. I can access the drive tray but if I try to reinstall the driver I get an error that the registry info is incorrect or corrupted. The drive does not show up on my drive list. I am running Windows 7. I emailed Pioneer but they said they don’t do registry errors, contact my Computer Mfg for help. I have peeked at the registry but am not sure I want to tinker there without good advice. Any suggestions?


Try removing the upper and lower filters in the registry. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/driverssupport/ht/upperfilters-lowerfilters.htm

If you’d rather not poke around in the registry directly, you can use ImgBurn to see if there are any upper and lower filters and remove them. ImgBurn is a free, highly recommended burning program found here: www.imgburn.com

Once you start up ImgBurn, hit any of the options, Discovery will do. Then click on Tools at the top of the main window of ImgBurn, then click on Filter Driver Load Order. You can highlight any that show up and remove them here.


Thanks Kerry,

Got it fixed using imgburn as you suggested. I really appreciate the help; been fighting getting good advice. I finally found it here.



I’ll bet you recently uninstalled some software, like Cyberlink or some other burning software.


I upgraded Nero, Cyberlink is still installed.


try these like Sean said. http://club.myce.com/f3/quick-effective-rootkit-infection-test-e-g-tdss-some-others-316979/


Followed the instructions and no rootkit (thank goodness), I had done a check for this about a year ago and it also was negative.


So, have you already tried booting up in SAFE MODE and checking the device manager and the event viewer??


Guys, read post #3. He fixed everything by amending the registry through ImgBurn. Problem solved.