Lost music files and can't re-rip music from CD using Windows Media Player

A little back story first:

I like to rip my CDs using Windows Media Player before syncing them with my iPod because when I just stick the CD in my PC’s CD drive with iTunes running to convert to the ACC format more often than not a few songs wind up skipping upon playback on my iPod. :Z

Well, the problem I have run into is that I ripped a CD with Windows Media and then deleted the files after assuming I had already uploaded them in my iPod, but I never did! :rolleyes: I tried to re-rip the CD, but Windows Media won’t allow it, as the status column for the tracks says “already in library.” Tey are actually long gone and deleted, even from the trash. :sad:

My question is: can I re-set the Media player in order to rip the CD again and create the WMA files all over again? If so, how? :confused:

A follow up to this would be is there an easier program (and free) to manage to create MP3 files from CDs and upload to iTunes (the conversion process from WMA to ACC takes forever) and not lose sound quality?

I’d be most grateful for any assistance. :bow:


if the result shall be AAC for your Ipod, I would then rip to uncompressed WAV instead of mp3 or wma or any other compressed format. This would minimise loss of quality. I expect Itunes to be able to compress the wav files to AAC or whatever is required.

For ripping, I suggest having a look at CDExand Exactaudiocopy.


I do all my extraction from CD’s as .wav files (EAC)

I then create the compressed files in a seperate operation
(with NCH-Switch Sound file converter)

I make mp3’s in two different bitrates and doing it my way saves time.

I then add/edit the files id3 tags with TagScanner5.0

I could just as easily make aac files, but mp3’s are a more general standard.

I do use Windows Media player but ONLY to playback my music on the computer.
I consider it useless for anything else.

For burning mp3-CDs I prefer my older version of Roxio
and for actually making CDA discs I use EAC’s built in burner because it allows
me to make CD-Text discs.

I NEVER play pressed CD’s in my car (actually a compact pickup truck)
where I actually do most of my listening, infact my pressed CD’s often
get played only once… when I rip them.

What do I do with the wav files? generally I delete them after I’ve verified
that I have good compressed files.

I retain my CD’s and it’s only four minutes of my time if I need to rip them again…

as for “losing” files? I have SEVEN HDD’s on my desk top and every data file
is backed up on atleast two different drives (more typically three)

HDD’s are so cheap these days that there’s little excuse to not having backup drives.

In addition it’s all also backed up to DVD+R discs once a month
so I have optical backups in addition to magnetic backups.