Lost monitor picture & sound

Hi All,

I was using computer when monitor screen went black and no sound.
Pressed reset - nothing. Pressed off / on, shift-control-delete,F8, F everything - nothing.

Reconnected monitor to another computer and picture / sound work O.K.

Computer: P4. 3gb. M/B: ASUS P4P800 i865PE ( think it combines audio )
ATI Radeon 9200,128mb DDR TVout.

Since monitor is OK guess it’s either of the above. Well that’s the extent of my tech knowledge.

*How to test where problem is ?
*Should I try to run ASUS / ATI install cds ?

Computers ! if it ain’t one thing its another :doh:

Does the computer actually turn on and run? Can you open the case and see the fans spin up? Can you feel any air blowing out the back of the power supply?

You say you’re not getting any sounds? Not even when Windows starts up?

When my computers start up, the led’s on the keyboard light up. Do you have something similar?

Hi Kerry56,

The answer to your question : I started up computer 4 times, could hear fan and hardrive spinning / clicking but blank screen, no sound.
Put monitor on another computer and it worked.
Put it back on original computer still no go.

Put monitor back on the other computer ( only have one monitor ) to redo work I had lost. Four hours later, went online, read your note, re-connected monitor to faulty computer, it loaded correctly. Message on monitor - ‘Microsoft Windows has encountered a serious error’ followed by a few long codes.

Monitor is now working correctly and I have sound also. All back to normal. Apparantly problem resolved.

Thanks Kerry56 for your prompt post. Looks like this thread is redundant but ‘we’ll always have Paris’.


[B]*Should I try to run ASUS / ATI install cds ?[/B]

Computers ! if it ain’t one thing its another :doh:[/quote]
download the latest drivers from ATI website

Thanks GJ.
When I opened computer this morning there was another message that a serious fault had occurred plus a whole lot of code numbers.

Don’t know what caused problem but everything appears to be operating OK now. Blood pressure back to normal and I’m cool - not easy, down under in Oz summer. Guess I shouldn’t have thrown the chair out the window after all.


This may be a sign of more trouble to come parpi. Some part of your hardware may be dying, either memory, hard drive or power supply would be on my short list of suspects, though a failing video card is also a possibility.

Since it is summer there, you should look in the case and see if the heatsinks on the cpu and video card are clean, and not clogged up with dust.

Hi Kerry56.
You’re probably correct.

I am transferring files from 5 y.o. computer A to another 5 y.o computer B. As per your suggestion opened, dusted and tighten a loose plug connection. Fingers crossed !

Often net surf tech sites to try to understand software / computer matters n problems.
CDF is the best. Thanks ya all.

There is probably not much worth salvaging in a 5 year old computer, but if you care to try, download a voltage monitor like speed fan or mb5. Be aware that software monitoring of voltage is not always accurate so if there is a problem shown, verify with a multi meter. Next test memory with memtest86. Find the brand of your hard drive and go to the manufactures site. Most have hard drive diagnostic programs. Last step would be to run prime 95 to test cpu and overall system stability. Those steps will expose many possible problems. You should be able to just google the names of those programs to find free downloads.

Thanks Ripit.

You’re probably right - not much worth salvaging from a 5 y.o computer cept the data. I planned to change over to a lap top ( more compact, reliablity and performance have improved in recent years ) but since the financial melt down has blown my pension funds it’s going to be antique toys for antique boys.

Note your posts - almost 6,000 in 5 years, an impressive contribution. People like you + dedicated ‘Moderators’ past n present have made CDF what it is today.