Lost mobile fone

Hey guys,
I think this is only place I can post this but im not sure. My mate lost his Samsung D500 last nite. He was drunk and must have lost it @ some point during the night. Hes asked in the pub her was @, and nothing was handed in. Therefore he must of lost it on his way home. What he wants to is when he calles his network to report it lost, will just him sim card be killed or the whole fone?


If he has the IMEI no. of the phone, the whole phone will depending on the brand (nokia/samsung/sagem) either become useless (not start up) or block all signal so noone can phone that phone or no-one can phone from it. Changing sim card will not affect it because the IMEI is on a once writetable chip on the phone (older phones the IMEI can be changed quite easy but new phones are alot harder to change the IMEI, and D500’s are very new models).

BUT the phone can be used outside your country and it will work fine. So if anyone nicked it they cud sell it abroad.

It is possible 2 change the IMEI but with very hi-tech equipment that i doubt many people will have + changin IMEI no. can get ya 5yrs inside.

If your mate does block it, then find it sometime, he can fone up the network and get it unblacklisted.

Hope this helps ya

  1. The phone can be blacklisted by the IMEI number. So can be the SIM card that does not mean that he cant get back his number :iagree: .

  2. The IMEI can be changed with a simple software.

  3. If a phone is blacklisted, it means that it will be blacklisted - according to the prevailing international agreements - in all service providers with which your friend’s service provider has a roaming agreement.

Are you sure??? The older phones such as Nokia 3410 were quite easy 2 change the IMEI no. but newer phones such as the Nokia 7610 or Samsung D500 have been made so changin IMEI no. is very hard.

… i may be wrong…

Quite many people these days in South Korea sell those “lost” mobile phones. After about 30 minutes out of a bank a few days ago, I realized I no more had my Samsung SCH-2300. It’s over 10 times more expensive than LG GSA-4163B. I walked back to the bank and looked everywhere. Fortunately, it was on the desk of a mobile phone dealer supported by the bank (since the phones are going to be used for phone banking.) If I didn’t go back, the guy could sell it to someone. Tens of thousands of such lost phones are exported to China from South Korea only. A good source of income for taxi drivers as well.