Lost little girl cant find her Plane!

Eheh… Im new so i hope this okay to ask here but can anyone help me with a game problem i have. If that is allowed that is…sorta unsure about the problem myself.

Basicly, I got an Iso i cant seem to use. I had the original of the game but alas…parents can be so uncaring for my polycarbonate plastic jewels. Simply put, my dad sat on my disk of Il 2 Stormovik. My friend got me a copy of the game but in ISO format (that is the iso i cant use and also no clue what that is) and he installed Daemon (which so far i think is a fake drive inside the computer but not physicaly). Though ever time i clicked the Il 2 icon, the “start game” window pops up. I click the start, and then after a few seconds of patience, a window pops up saying that the game wont run cause of “Conflict with Emualtion Software Detected”. I dont think i ever bought a “Emulation Software”.

any help on this subject would be nice.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I sympathise, but as you no longer have the original, we’re unable to help you.

From the forum rules:

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