Lost layout

I have a cd on which I keep all my patches drivers etc. Recently I added a few programs to it and when closing out, when asked if I want to save changes to the layout I inadvertently pressed" no" instead of “yes”. Now I can only read with my cdrom the items I added that day even though it shows there is over 450 mb of data on it. I am using “adaptec easy cd creator”. I inquired of Plextor and they told me to buy a $50 utility to access the old layout. Can anyone help? Or is all that I saved lost!

Go to www.isobuster.com and download their program.

I guarantee you %99 that you will be able to get back your old information.

Then donate to the company $20 or so for their wonderful freeware.

DanDaMan thank you! Iso great little program-retrieved everything easily and simple to use-will take are of peterISO