Lost key problem

I received an email a few days back saying that a new version 3.6.3 was now available. I would like to get it & install it but I recently had a major PC crash & lost everything including the products key number.

I have sent an email to help@kagi.com 3 times now but have not even had the courtesy of an answer. I am a legitimate customer who can provide many details about by association with the company but this is of no use unless they answer you.

Here is an extract from the mail that I posted to them.

'What I’m am missing is the key number for re re registering this program. This was lost. You sent me this email because I was on your customer register as being a customer who wished updates. I purchased the product around the middle of 2006. I know that I didn’t use PayPal to pay for it. I used the Kagi store direct & used my Visa card. I also know that it took months before the money was deducted from my account, perhaps this was because I am in Australia.

Once you send me the key number how do I use it? Do I have to download the whole ‘trial’ version & use the key on it’

Does any one have any idea as to how to get this problem solved?

your using a 3.6.3 version of what?

I thought that I was on a forum for DVDReMake so thats what I was talking about.

Sorry I personally never have heard of such software? Don’t worry though I am sure someone has and will help you. Sorry I couldn’t help.

Sorry to hear you had PC problem. I’m not sure if sending help to kagi email is the right place. It would be more appropriate to send the email from the Contact page. But either way, it probably is not necessary. When you reinstall the PC, a new Computer ID is automatically generated for this PC. To find out this new Computer ID, you can either download the demo program or this little nifty utility (http://www.dimadsoft.com/dl_comp_id.php?ver=2), and obtain it. Then log in to your Dimadsoft account, click on 3.6.3 link to download, and enter the new ID at the top of the page. Read the small explanation below it. Hope it works out for you.

btw, I’m surprised I did not receive email notification. I find out the new version from the forum. Sent Dimad an inquiry a few days back and have not received a response. I assume he’s probably on vacation or something. So he’ll answer sooner or later. Just be patient. Cheers.

toaddub Thanks for the help

I did what you suggested & it appears to have worked. I downloaded the zipped file & it opened in a temp folder on my desktop. When I clicked on the .exe file the program opens. I’m surprised that the program didn’t install on my '‘c’ drive like all other programs however. Is this correct or not?

No installation required. It is a self-executable program. So just unzip it and put it in any folder you want. I just put mine in DvdReMake folder and rename the program with a specific version number so I can run multiple versions of the program if something specific goes wrong.