Lost info from yesterday



Please best way to iso streaming netflix to pc using insignia wireless and “” should I play & capture to other? I am new to doing this but old at burning and ripping since original 2.X days before the bad guys. Can you play on tv with HDMI and use IP to input PC but from there to capture to .ISO with I’m a bit lost. Bit of direction please from a “pro”


I hope you are not asking how to backup NetFlix movies?


Naturally not as it would be considered illegal. My question is for “my personal information and knowledge” I was using Netflix as an example. I do, though, hope you can teach a “newbie” at this end a bit about computer reception of streaming media. Thank you and BTW your hints and contributions which I have been reading since joining this forum is mind boggling! Thank you all out there.


I honestly do not really know and as long as your PC can wirelessly connect to the TV I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.


Wow, lost me a bit, I can grab the IP off of the Insignia receiver I do not have a video input card to the PC. Is this the secret? Use a good quality video input card and capture the input of the card to hardware on from that point to create an .ISO?


You don’t need a capture card just a video card with a HDMI connection to do this I believe to play or stream to the T.V.


Hi, I can get to the TV fine. It’s getting to the PC where the need of capture comes in I have no HDMI input! I was assuming that a capture card from the output of my Insignia and the the option of (hopefully) picking up the “hardware input” feature would capture MY streaming video from the external unit. My ignorance seems to be in getting the source to the PC so latest version will pick it up and ISO it. Does this work in your mind?


DNC will not pull from a rental streaming from the TV or such and allow you to make a copy. This is illegal.