Lost in the muck, please help



There are alot of computing aspects I am good with, but I seem to really be getting lost in here, so I am asking for a hand.

I just purchased a I/O Magic 16x DVD burner (IDVD16DD) from C/C. I know the salesman, so he gave me some information about what I need to do with it, but he is about 10 geek levels higher than I am, so all I can do is tell ya what I remember and hopefully someone can point me to the right place.

He said it was a BenQ, and that it was a DW1620. He told me I needed to crossflash it so I can get different firmware for it. He also said B7V9.

I am guessing I need the B7V9 file to crossflash it with? and then go somewhere? to get the new firmware?

Can anyone help this CD noob, pretty please?



Download CD speed, install it, and call it up and see what it identifies your burner as and what firmware it actual has.


If you do have a BenQ and it’s with a G series firmware (OEM firmware) you download WinDWFlash.exe program and the B7T9.cvt file and flash it with the B7T9.cvt file using the WinDflash program.



then a regular flash with the current firmware.



I did a search in the BenQ forum cause I don’t have a BenQ and found a lot of good stuf. You may want to try it some time. :slight_smile:
This post may be helpfull to you.
Good luck.


You need to download a program called “WinDWFlash”. You also need the “.cvt” file of the firmware you wish to use, not the usual “.exe” executable from the BenQ website. Use the search function and I’m sure you can find a ton of places you can get those. If you can’t find the cvt for the firmware you’re going to use (ie: B7V9), then just download the cvt file for any of the previous firmware, crossflashing to that older firmware with WinDWFlash, then download B7V9 from www.benq.com and flash your drive with it.


Thanks, and I appologize… I finally found a thread that is basically saying the same thing. I guess I should have kept searching for another half hour…

Thanks again,


Oh, and while I am at it…

Is this a life or death type of thing? or does the burner work well out of the box? I doubt I will be doing much with DVD backups. I will be using it for data storage for my business and possibly (hopefully) burning off all our home videos to disc. DVD-R’s are a hell of a lot cheaper than High-8 cassettes…



ouch where is benq’s site located??!! I havent seen speeds this slow since my commodore and the mighty 14.4


So check your device manager and see if your drive is in DMA word 2 mode. Also I gave you the links for eveything you need. What’s firmwware are you using now and what is the media code of the blanks?


Thanks again to everyone for such quick replies, especially to Hef for laying out the links to make the end of my day much easier. :bow:

It was exactly as I was told. The speed test showed it as a G model (cant remember which now, yesterday was my 12th 14 hour day in a row). The links Hef gave me worked perfect, cept for the benq site only feeding me at 800 b/s. Everything flashed up without a hitch, and I burnt a test disk with flying colors.

I am in the process of transfering about 40G from my storage computer to this one and will be burning off my first data disk shortly. I think I will even try to make a backup of one of my DVD’s just to see if it works.

I will be sure to let you all know how it turns out.


edit - lol Hef, I just realized what you were talking about in the last post… hehe it wasnt the disk speed that was slow. It was the download speed from the benq site. I was d/l’ing at 800 b/s. It made that 900k file seem like a game patch from EA. :eek: It’s a bit hard to choke down speeds that slow when I am used to d/l’ing at 515k /s


Oh I see a miscommunication. Well I’m glad everything worked out. If you want your BenQ to rip faster follow this thread and in the first post is a Download link and you can load your B7V9 firmware in it and check off speedhack and resave it and it will take off the riplock on your BenQ.



Hmm, I looked at that thread, but it seems a little more scary than the flash process. Plus it is stating a problem with the same firmware I just flashed to on my 1620 model. I am not sure what I would be speeding up anyway.

I just put my entire music collection to dvd’s, all of which burned at 16x speed (creating data disks, not music dvd’s), in about 30 mins. Not bad concidering it was about 9,000 songs and about 18G worth. Like I said in an earlier post, I dont plan on using it to copy dvd’s, mainly just for data storage. Though I haven’t used the drive to read yet, I doubt changing that speed will matter much to me, since I already have a dvd-rom in the computer as well. I might take a look at it anyway, if I find a need to increase something later.

Anyways, the drive is working super, and I really appreciate the help. The only thing else I can think of asking (though dont kill me for not searching the forums first, I will do that after I finish this): is it possible to burn a single layer music dvd that will play in my bosch jobsite radio/cd player? :confused: That would be utterly awesome!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again,



You can’t play DVDs in a CD player. :stuck_out_tongue:



Someone get a patent then and make a fortune! 8G music dvd’s for them 3-day long college parties!!!



Well… a DVD player usually can play MP3 files from the DVD… so. =)


So is my math right and that’s just 2k per song? Seems pretty compressed, what is that 96kps mp3s?


Nah… All of them are 5M or more, and alot are around 12M (mixes) nothing less than 128. I think out of that 9,000 I got a thousand or two midi’s and sound files like sound effects, halloween, bass tests and such…

So your math is right, concidering you didnt know that x = y + z. :wink: