Lost help and support on XP

I´ve lost the help I can have on my PC.
When I run Start-Help and support- nothing happens.
And in my controll panel it is gone (just a holen there).
Anybody - insight. Help.


When did this happen?
If it has just happened…in the last few hours, restart the computer.
If it happened in the last few days, then you should try System Restore.

Do you have any idea why this happened?..For example, have you installed any new software? Have you checked for viruses or other malware?
How old is your computer?


check if the “Help and Support” service is running, see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/841996


Use the reg file attached, to restore Help and Support in Windows XP (rename the text file with the .reg extension, then double click and merge in registry - found on Kelly’s Korner XP tweaks site).

helpnsupport.reg.txt (8.65 KB)

[QUOTE=petremure;2494169]Use the reg file attached, [/QUOTE]
Be careful with that reg file since nobody (except the thread starter) knows what flavour of Windows is used.