Lost HDD which one next

my backup HDD has just gone belly up, with a load of backups. I’m trying to find a good replacement, IDE still seems the best way to go, at the moment my master HD is a Hitachi 250GB, the dud was also Hitachi, and was about six years old (150GB) I also have a third a WD 120GB about the same age, these days I’m hearing a lot about Samsung and WD, I’m running a MSI 939 mobo with a 4200 X2 cpu, so some help and advice will be very welcome as to a reliable HDD of about 250gig.

If you have internal SATA connectors on your Mobo This would be great.

^ I’ll go with what wobble said :iagree:…and even if you only have PATA, Seagate’s still a good choice IMO. :slight_smile:

thanks will look in to it, being in the UK shipping hikes the price and as yet I have’nt found one this side, still looking though.

thanks for the advise just ordered one of these. Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB S300 ST3320620AS, one more question, if I use this for my main HDD do I need to set something up in bios so that it finds it first? never used SATA before.

Yes, [B]7200.10[/B] should be a good decision. In (not only) my experience 7200.9 are kind of little bit tipsy.

I think you should first of all try to install the drive as it is. Only if it doesn’t show in the system or behaves in a strange manner, then… just post here :slight_smile:

The jumper block adjacent to the SATA interface connector on SATA 300MB/s drives can be used to force the drive into SATA 150MB/s mode for use with older SATA controllers that only work with SATA 150MB/s drives. :confused: :confused: :eek:
got this from seagate’s website, call me a bit thick but i’m lost already, my MB is only a few months old so do I set it to 150 or 300? how old is old in PC terms?

You should be able to run it 300mb/s mode, so no jumper required. Hook it up, boot to the bios and find the boot device priority and change it to your new drive. Install your OS and you should be good to go.

And yesterday’s new products are already old in PC terms. :stuck_out_tongue:


And yesterday’s new products are already old in PC terms.
so it seems.

all sorted and thanks to all of you, used diskwizard and all went ok, mother and baby doing well! :bigsmile: :bow: :clap:

Care to elaborate?
Is my 7200.9 a ticking timebomb?

I have a Seagate 7200.9 in a spare computer and it plain out is horrid. Maybe they made some big changes in the 7200.10 but I will never know, I am sticking to WD and Samsung Hdds from now on.

:iagree: They’re like Geiger Tellers. Don’t know why people keep recommending them… :doh:

alan1476,Cressida could you please be more specific on why you dislike the .9 ones?
IMHO you cant just say a product is bad and thats it , you should at least give one or more reasons

incoming personal opinions: I have a couple of the 7200.9 500GB SATA model, and they’ve been fine. Finicky with some controllers, but reliable on controllers they get on with. They didn’t like my old Nvidia SATA controllers too much until Seagate support provided a firmware update. Newer 7200.9’s probably don’t have those problems anymore. Compared to the 7200.10, they run cooler and aren’t quite as fast. Not sure which technology is more rugged, though.

One word of warning: I used to love WD’s RE 2 series, but I’m starting to see why WD has discontinued them in favor of the slightly less agile RE series. Two failures out of eight in my case, from working drive one second to clicking monster that freezes the NAS box the next second. I haven’t had any of these problems with the plain old RE series.