Lost files

i need help because in my direct-cd disc i’ve lost a whole folder, and i absolutely need to know how to restore it.
i haven’t written anything on that disc from the sad day, but i don’t know how to save my datas… please help!

what do you mean you lost a folder in the cd

i mean that i’ve accidentally deletd it…


I dont think you can recover deleted data

There might be a way

first try this:::::: do Double click the direct cd icon in the right you know where. A menu is poped. I have the german version and cant even read german. So the option is something like scan cd/ disc and it tries to recover most files.

Try this Norton utilities unerase

sorry: i tried both of these ways, but nothing changed.
anyway i don’t think u have much taste for choosing software :slight_smile:


Try CDRdiag, CD-Diag (something like that) which can recover files / directories from unreadable media or media that has not been finalised and can recover everything from previous sessions that were not carried through to the next session.

The demo version used to be able to work a few times which may be enough.


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