Lost Drivers

:sad: If any has a HP 420i Dvd burner I would appreciate a copy or ISO copy of the drivers! It would really help alot :bow:

As far as I can tell you do not need drivers for your dvd drive-Windows has the correct driver if thats what your asking about. If your looking for software to use with your dvd drive thats another story??

This would appear to be a drive based on NEC hardware, so thanks to crossg, I’ve moved it to the NEC forum. :wink:

Drone73, this thread may be of interest with respect to the latest firmware for your drive:

I’ve a 4551 that I bought as bulk and it came with no drivers, even for DVD-RAM.
The explanation of NEC when you go to their documentation is that the Operating System does have the necessary tools.

This is not fully true for DVD-RAM (as the format can use UDF) but is for the drive basic functions (drivers).