Lost drivers 1635s



burner worked fine untell to day ,when i put in a disc i got no dvd drive found i,when’t to divise manager clicked hard ware ,bouth dvd drives had yellow flags . i have aliton1635s-and a- optowrte- ddo401, when i click on them i get this error . I did put in new FW- 2 days a go for the 1635s yv6j ,but not on the outher drive.I burned 3 dics yesterday worked good,I unen stalled them, re booted ,it found them but said ther was a problem, might not work, tryd eeprom,found no drive .Any help will be appreciated.


you may have a windows problem. Try system restore.


Power or connection problem. What specs has the PSU? Replace the IDE cable(s).


Well known Windows/software issue: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/270008/EN-US/


Used system restore ,every thing back to normal.Thanks for all the help.