Lost Data On External Hard Drive

[qanda]This thread is about the Seagate FreeAgentâ„¢ Desktop External Hard Drive 500GB - USB 2.0. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]The cable from the External drive got disconnected and the next thing I know all data is gone. All my pictures and over 5,000 songs…gone. Yeah, I hadn’t backed it up yet. Can it really be gone? When I go into My Computer the F: Free Agent drive is there but with no icon. When I select the icon, the drive is empty. I have XP the drive is barely year old :confused::sad: Can anyone help? I am not a whiz on the computer so you have to take it step by step with me. Someone…anyone!!!

Right click the drive and select ‘properties’ and check and see if the drive has switched to RAW mode. If it’s still fat32 or ntfs then all is not lost. If it’s raw mode then the process could be a little troublesome. Sometimes just rebooting can fix something like that. Whatever you do don’t write anything to that drive until you get your files back. You may want to download Recuva and let it scan the drive see if your files are still there. http://www.recuva.com/

I got my files back using a Paragon Software prog I d/l’d from Give Away of the Day. You’ll need enough space to copy the files to. I used my meltdown as an excuse to buy another 1 GB external…

The FDrive file system is NTFS. I ran the recuva and it shows no files. Still, why would the drive F be there, named, but with just the basic windows icon. It doesn’t have the “picture” icon. The F:drive is also not in Disk Manager. I’m still lost. Thanks for the help though

How do I insert a Word doc to show you the drive icon? Also, would the disconnection of the cable from the computer really cause the data to be lost. Computers lose power all the time and data isn’t lost in those drives. I am reading that recovery software is very expensive. Any ideas/suggestions on who to use?