Lost Camcorder Footage

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic VDR-D210. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi!

Yesterday I gave my friend this camcorder to help me record stuff as my friends and I celebrated a friend’s bday in the city (NYC, that is). I saw him record stuff in the beginning (the red circle REC was on, it was definitely recording). I saw him then press pause and it stopped. Basically, I’m saying he DEFINITELY recorded stuff.

Then after we went ice skating, I got my camcorder back and I noticed that the battery had fallen out and the CD was dislodged inside the unit. I had to put the battery in and lock the CD in place. Then I gave the camcorder back to my friend to continue recording.

When I got home, I noticed something weird. I only had 8 minutes of footage out of like 20. And this footage was from when I put the battery and CD back in. Strangely, everything else was lost. I did some test runs before I left the house yesterday, and those were gone. I remember that all my friends who were using the camcorder were DEFINITELY recording stuff. I’m really upset. Anybody know how to recover that lost footage? Maybe it is in there but I just can’t get to it? I only brought one cd, though the only thing that makes sense now is that someone put in a fresh CD. But I only brought one. HELP please.

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What type of disc were you recording with? If it was a DVD-R or DVD-R DL, there is a very good chance that all the missing footage is still present, but you’ll likely need a CD/DVD recovery tool to recover these recordings that have not been indexed. If the disc was a DVD-RW or DVD-RAM (i.e. rewritable), unfortunately, it is possible that these recordings may have been overwritten.

The first thing to try is load the disc in your PC, go into the “Video_TS” folder and try playing the individual VOB files to see if any are the missing footage. If so, you can recover the video by copying these VOB files to your PC. You can later create a Video DVD from these VOB files using a video authoring application if you need to have the recordings on DVD again.

If only the VOB files for some of the recordings are present, it is worth trying a CD/DVD recovery application. The utility “CD Recovery Toolbox” (download link) is reported to work quite well for recovering video from damaged DVDs, going by its user ratings. This utility is also freeware.

Okay, thank you [B]SO[/B] much for replying so quickly. I regret to say that I was using a Maxell DVD-RW disc, but I hope that it hasn’t been wiped. I even tried recording some extra footage, and it didn’t delete the other stuff…

Oh, and I will try and recover the footage soon. I still have some school work to do. :slight_smile: