Lost booktype setting on 812s



This is very strange indead. I am on US0N right now with auto bit setting. I have flashed back and forth many times between the 832s and 812s. I burned a few -r’s with nero and it showed the little box to enable booktype setting to dvd-rom. They read fine. Without changing anythign, it suddenly dissapeared. I installed no new software, nor did I reflash. All my disks are now dvd-r instead of dvd-rom. Any ideas?


With one of the recent versions of Nero, there was a problem with this feature. Try upgrading to if you don’t have it already.

Also have a look in the media forum. There was a thread about problems with this Nero feature there…

Edit. Sorry, that was the recording software forum (Nero & InCD)…


I just noticed that you are talking about -R media. -R media does not support bitsetting, only +R. So a DVD-R will not be displayed as DVD-ROM after a burn…