Lost "bit setting" management after upgrade to Nero

Last night I upgraded Nero from to, and at the end of the procedure, the usual pop-up notified me that it was successfully finished :iagree: , after that I performed a reboot and then I tried to burn a DVD. :stuck_out_tongue:

First action was to check “bit setting” option into recorder options mask, and I was confused :confused: :confused: to see that I lost drop down list on the bottom left of the mask: in previous Nero version ( the option was present. :a :frowning:

I performed some action like remove and install again Nero, reboot the system, disconnect and reconnect again DVD recorder to discover a possible workaround, but they had not positive results. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I remember that there was a method to set bit setting directly from by a registry key ([HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder] “BookTypeDVDROM”), could be it a solution?

Have somebody some suggestions to me, before switch back to :bow: :bow:

In current configuration I have WinXP SP1, and DVD recorder is a LDW451S@832S (Fw VS0A).

Thanks in advance to everybody,
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P.S.: apologize for my english … I’m learning it. :o

i’m not 100% sure but doesnt the firmware auto bitset to dvdrom?..you can also use dvdinfo to set book type.
the registry key you are thinking of is
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder]
whether this is the same key for i dunno…

If I remember correctly, Nero has removed bitsetting support for Liteon drives. Last version with bitsetting was, it was already missing in :sad:

Of course you can still use an auto-bitsetting firmware. :wink:


I have Sony U18A @ DRU-700A VY06
I’ve upgraded from Nero to And bittsetting is available here and working. Drop down list of options is also available. But I disabled it and use good old liteon’s tool to set book type. Before that my drive was flashed with 832s VS0B firmware and there were no bittsetting in Nero

I have a benq DW1610 drive and no way to set the booktype to DVD-ROM in You can use Benq book type manager but nero over rides it. Frustrated owner of a 1610 an xbox and a stack of now useless +R roms (even tried real DVD+R like sony DPR47L3’s) Writes at 16x but wish I could read it on my xbox cause it keeps reading +R when burnt…

Klarissa, how did you disable bit setting from Nero?
Maybe to enable relevant option is enough to perform the opposit… :slight_smile:

In other case, before switch back to Nero, next chance will be to try to use LiteOn BookType utility before burn a new disc…

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I selected “Book type setting: Current Recorder Setting” in Nero.

Ok, looks like Nero checks if the DVD-writer is LiteOn and hides bitsetting if it is. I switched from Sony DRU-700A VY06 f/w back to Liteon VS0B and bitsetting disappeeared from Nero.

That’s why I hate these commercial proggies like Nero. It is full of useless stuff that has to be installed with it (cover designer, wave editor and so on). So the question is why they removed something that was working well. And the changelog says nothing about the bitsetting removal. And why an user wants to buy Nero if in the next version some of the features are missing. Ahead sux big time (sorry). I’ll buy their software only if it gets lightweight as FlashGet for example.

Some time ago I read in a post here of someone telling that it was Liteon that asked Ahead to remove bitsetting from the Nero program.

But I am not able to find the post anymore…



Since this seems to be affecting drives other than LiteOn (e.g., the BenQ post), I’m moving this into the Nero forum…

So does Nero simply not support bitsetting anymore, or does it actually override other utilities as some people have reported? Without knowing about this issue, I burnt a DVD+R on my 851@832 CG3B with auto-bitsetting using Nero .25
Comes up as a DVD-ROM booktype in CD-DVD speed. Was I not affected because I never use Nero to modify the booktype, or am I misunderstanding the scope (or lack thereof) of the problem?

Not sure if this will help or not. Just finished burning a DVD+R using Nero .25 with my Lite-On 812S@832S, firmware CG3B, autobitsetting enabled through Omnipatcher. After burning was finished I didn’t close Nero and ran the Disc check, it showed as DVD+R with Booktype set to DVD-ROM. After that I checked the disc with Nero CD-DVD Speed it showed as DVD-ROM as well. I know this isn’t conclusive but it seems as if the autobitsetting through the firmware is still working.

Just checked the disc with K-Probe as well. Again it shows as booktype DVD-ROM.