Lost BACK function on Netscape

I lost BACK function on Netscape 7.2; any ideas?

Hi,[QUOTE=CCRomeo;1918915]I lost BACK function on Netscape 7.2; any ideas?[/QUOTE]at first, try a new profile. If I remember correctly, there are some chrome.* files that are responsible for the appearance.

Apart from that, Netscape 7.2 is ancient and may have unfixed security issues. Latest version is Netscape 9. Unless you need some Netscape/AOL related features, you may try Seamonkey instead.


I don’t want to lose all my bookmarks

Hi,[QUOTE=CCRomeo;1918946]I don’t want to lose all my bookmarks[/QUOTE]No problem. Backup your bookmarks file (should be located in your Netscape profile folder) and restore it into the profile folder of your new browser.
It is not impossible, that newer versions (either Netscape 9 or Seamonkey) offer to import your old settings. Haven’t tried that myself.

Your bookmarks file is called bookmarks.html.
Your Netscape profile should be located in %appdata%\Mozilla\Profiles[Profile name][random characters].slt


Now using Netscape 9 and some links no longer work