Lost audio



I use DVD Decrypter to rip a movie and if I try to play the individual VOB file and can hear audio, everything compresses fine and I then can burn the copy to a single dvd and enjoy my movie. However, if I cannot play each individual VOB file and hear audio, then when I compress, I lose audio.

At first I thought this to be a Decrypter issue but I can rip all movies and then play the ripped version on the computer by launching PowerDVD and starting the main IFO file. So audio is present after the “rip” but when I compress and re-author the VOB files using DVD2One, my audio disappears even if I launch PowerDVD and start the movie. Looks like the issue arises once the original IFO files are taken away and replaced by DVD2One’s generated IFO file.

Has anyone had this issue, what causes it, and how do I correct it? It only creates a problem on a few dvd’s which mostly come from Columbia/Tristar. It also appears to be common on their newer releases such as the Patriot, XXX, and Black Hawk Down to name a couple. Any help would be appreciated


DVD2one doesn’t touch the audio m8, so it must be something you are doing/not doing that’s causing your problem.

Are you sure you are selecting the audio soundtrack in Dvd2one, as that is the only thing that is likely to affect things .