Lost Audio - Magnavox H2160MW9 DVD Recorder



I have an H2160MW9 that’s slightly over 2 years old. I have suddenly lost all audio on all functions involving the tuner, i.e. there is no audio (picture only) when recording or when viewing programs in real time. If I play back programs which had already been recorded to the hard drive before the problem occurred or if I play back any DVD recorded prior to the problem’s occurrence however, I do get both normal picture and normal audio.

To me, this indicates that the problem is within the audio circuit for the tuner since I can still get normal audio on functions that don’t require the tuner (i.e. the pre-recorded programs mentioned above) but no longer can get any audio when the tuner is required.

I have verified that there are normal levels of BOTH audio and video signal entering the 2160 (by swapping input sources such as cable boxes and cables which I have verified to be functioning properly when connected to other recorders, TV’s, etc). I have also checked any and all device settings and have found none that would appear to cause this problem. Finally, I have unplugged the 2160 for several hours to let it reset and reboot itself but that had no effect on the problem.

It seems to me that the problem resides in the tuner audio circuit for reasons described above and since it is out of warranty (although still relatively new), the only remaining option would be to take it to a professional Magnavox/Funai repair shop. In my experience that latter option is usually not cost effective relative to the cost of purchasing a box for items of this type however.

Hopefully someone here might know about the problem and can offer a solution. Otherwise, I fear that I am now left with a DVD recorder that is now only a DVD player! Thanks in advance for any help.


Yeah your right, its most likely something physical that has burnt out or failed. And professional repair will cost as much as a new unit.

So if you have any electrical skills, you can do a visual inspection for burnt out caps or transistors, not something we can help you with here though (too many possibilities).

While its not an old unit I would say its time to treat yourself to a newer/better unit.


I have one of these DVD units . I played with the Audio settings & none of them disabled the audio .
I would try unpluging the unit for several hours & then plug it back in & test .
You might also try having it rescann the channels.


Have you perhaps set the tuner to the SAP (Second Audio Program) that some stations carry?