Lost ASPI drivers in WinXP

Can anyone tell me how to re-install the ASPI drivers that were originally installed (I think they were installed when Nero was installed or when XP was originally installed).
Somehow they have been taken out.
I know I can install the Adaptec ASPI drivers easy enough, but I seem to remember looking at the drivers a month ago and the aspicheck said something about Nero Aspi drivers. maybe I’m mistaken.
What about Force ASPI, should I install these instead.
Basically, I"m trying to find out the best way to go with installing the ASPI drivers, while using Nero and CloneCD, Fireburner sometimes with WinXP.
thanks much for any help

Reinstalling Nero should get you back your Aspi32 file and solve your problem - no need to install Adaptecs Aspis

Or use ForceASPI.

WinXP doesn’t have native ASPI drivers and most newer burning software supply their own drivers as needed.

The Nero ASPI file Wnaspi32.dll is located in C:\Program Files\Nero. Did you look for it there?

If you can’t find it, you don’t have to reinstall Nero, just download it at WNASPI32.DLL v2.0.1.50 and install it to the Nero directory.

The latest FireBurner doesn’t require ASPI drivers in WinXP. Neither does CloneCD.

ASPI only needs to be installed if you have software which requires it.

Thanks everyone for the good info, I got everything running just fine. Exactly as you said , just reinstall the Nero Driver to the Nero directory

Nice to hear, thanx for the feedback :slight_smile:

  • no need to install Adaptecs Aspis

I had to install Adaptec’s ASPI, used 4.71, to get CDex to work in XP.