Lost 56k modem

Hope this is the right forum.

I have a Windows XP Home Edition which HAD a 56k V.92 factory installed modem. My modem is not longer detectable.

Last week we got Dish Network and were informed upon installation that it would need to be connected to a phone line for diagnostics. In fact, if you do not connect the dish DVR receiver to a phone line there is an additional charge. The installation guy gave us a splitter so that the line to my computer for dial-up could be used on the same phone jack as the DVR receiver. We do not have the high definition receiver. We do not require any kind of filter for our dial up because it isn’t DSL. I’ve been using dial-up on this machine for a couple of years with no problem… until we got Dish Network and plugged it into the same phone jack. Coincidental?

One thing may have nothing to do with the other, I suppose. Maybe my modem just died. But because the jack is now shared for the dish receiver, I have to ask… could this have fried my modem? I have recovered my computer through the recovery partition… nothing. Back up discs didn’t bring it back either.

I want to move this (my other machine) to that same jack but hesitate to do it, if it means this modem could fry under the same circumstances.

I’m not a tech but know my way around fairly well. I have never installed hardware componants but possibly could do a modem. :confused:
Also researched an external usb modem and was curious what you think of them. I’d need one that is XP compatable and that can handle heavy use. I don’t really want to spend a bunch. When the new version of Windows replaces Vista I’ll likely be buying a new machine. Just eeeking out time with XP machines until then. To have the external modem for easy use and access for any machine could be a good thing. I don’t know what course to take here.

Any help would be appreciated.

The Dishnetwork calls very infrequently. You can disconnect the line and the receiver will put a message on your TV that the line must be reconnected or you must pay a nominal fee. They give you a lot of time to do this. This would enable you to get a “test” in to determine if the other computer works. You should see if you can get a deal on DSL is dial up is a great waste of money. I got a combo deal 0dishBework and my home phone service really cheap. I do not see how the Dishnetwork setup could have messed upthat line. See if a regular phone works on it. If it does, your modem is fried. They usually only last a year or two anyway.

A lot of splitters are crap .Unplug the splitter & plugin your computer (56K modem) like it was before.If it works correctly then the problem is the splitter & if you are going to use a splitter you need another one.
A better way is a wall jack with 2 outlets.
I have an older Dish receiver without DVR & never plug the phone line in to it unless I want to check my account.I’ve never been charged any additional fee.
The only reason Dish wants you to have a phoneline plugged in is so they can sell you pay for veiw movies.If you have to go to the trouble to plugin a line you might decide just to skip a pay for veiw.
Dish also runs checks on your Smart card via phone line but I have found by not having mine plugged in Dish can run these checks via satellite.I can tell when they are doing this because my receiver will turn itself off & then back on.
So I would just leave it unplugged & if they want to bill you extra blame it on the splitter they supplied.