Lost 2nd HD

Holy Smoke! Earlier today I went ahead and upgraded to the very latest version of anyDVD and then ran some errands, etc. 3 hrs or so later I got back on my box and suddenly discovered that windows (XP home, OEM) no longer would recognize my 2nd HD (partitioned as drive D and E), although it was recognized in the BIOS. Everything except for my programs itself I maintain on these drives due to their importance to me. After all the usual hardware checks, it dawned on my that this must be associated with the anyDVD upgrade…that’s the only thing I did with my computer this morning. Thank Heaven for Acronis True Image and a rescue disk. Now all is well, once again. Just something for others to consider.

Are you really suggesting that AnyDVD trashed your hard drive?

Not at all. Just suggesting that for unknown reasons windows failed to recognize the 2nd drive after the update.