Lossless Digital Audio Library


I suspect this topic is covered somewhere in the forums but I haven’t found anything just yet so here’s a post.

I’m tired of the cd clutter taking over my home so I’m ready to build a Digital Audio Library.

I would like to use a lossless format and have the ability to pull/convert the files into iTunes, MediaPlayer 11, etc… in the future as I acquire new listening devices.

There must be a better option than simply using the WAV format and massive amounts of external harddisk space.

Can I plz get recommendations for futureproof file formats and tools for managing the library?

much thks!

bm2031l7, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

There are several lossless formats, but the two that I think most people use are Monkey’s Audio (APE) and FLAC. Personally I use APE.

Those formats will compress your audio to approximately 55% of the original size (it depends on the audio content).

For a powerful application that can rip, encode, convert, play and manage your audio files, I suggest you take a look at J. River Media Center which is $40 Shareware. I’ve been using it for years now.