Lossless Compression



I'm thinking of using a lossless audio compressor to compress the wav so I don't have to keep ripping the music off the CD if I ever want to re-encode the wav to some other bitrate. There are only two programs I know of so far and they are FLAC and Monkey's Audio. What other programs are there and which would you recommend? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


winrar, winace, winzip, etc :wink:


I definately recommend Monkey’s Audio. I have compared different compression tools, and Monkey’s compression ratio is simply the best.
Normal packers can’t archive that great compression because they aren’t specialized to this kind of data (PCM, 16-bit, 44100kHz).


Thanks for the quick responses. :slight_smile: I’ll try Monkey’s Audio, WinRAR and other normal compression tools didn’t compress the wav down too much.


With Monkey’s Audio, you should archive 40-60 per cent compression, depending on the source material used.