Lossless compression


I play a computer game that allows users to create their own maps with a custom map editor (shipped with the game, the official editor) and it only allows the user to create maps of up to 4 Megabytes large-anything larger and it will not be hosted online.

I wish to add a song to an already created map-I am not sure exactly how big this map is, but the song clearly must be compressed to a certain degree otherwise it will be too big.

Another thing is, I don’t want the map to take too long to download when I host it online, so I’d like to compress the music file as much as possible, but in a lossless way.

Additionally, the game i am playing only allows 2 file formats of audio; mp3 and wav. Therefore, if I used a program such as Monkey Audio, it would change the file format to .ape and it would be unusable, although quite suitably compressed.

I would like to compress the song to 1 or 2 megabytes without losing any quality and without changing the file format (can either be compressed mp3 or wav, either one I can do). Is there any possible way of doing this? Which program out there can do that for me?

Many thanks


The best you can go is dig out the CD which the song is on, and make a fresh rip of it to MP3 at whatever bitrate you can fit into the map.