Loss of drive info on BD R drive?



I noticied lately that on my liteon iHBS212-08 that when using Anydvd HD and CloneCD that after two successful backup to either DVD+R or DVD+R DL that on the third it would do a scan but bring up the disc specs but no information that the drive found anything beyond the disc specs and size but no data would pop up? Has anyone see this happening or does the drive need a firmware update to fix this disappearing drive info problem. I know it works after you restart you Anydvd HD will get the drive info and the name of the movie on the drive with full specs. And this isn’t on just one but many since I gotten this drive so it isn’t just limited to one particular movie dvd. And yes the original or source works fine as well.


Hey coolcolors, I can’t say for sure but it sounds like it might be a Anydvd issue. Moving your Q over to the Anydvd forum :slight_smile:

You can let Slysoft know about your issue too.


Ok thanks but I do know from my previous ihas424 drive it never did this with Anydvd HD as well and only recent did start to have this glitch when I switched over to a BD liteon 212 drive.


Reporting back: I did one thing differently this time I uninstall ZA pro 10 and tried to read and burn and read burn and read. And if there was a problem the third time it would show up but I don’t get the lost of drive info anymore with consequential dvd. I will test it with more dvd again to see if the problem is gone or still there. I would seem that ZA pro 10 has something to do with the data being lost as to why not sure yet. But it does seems ZA played some part in causing the drive to loose the ability to read the dvd after 2 burns as to why I am not sure why??? So I guess in the future I will just go with windows firewall and drop ZA as it seems the newest version is causing more problems this it was to fix. Back to windows firewall default and so far so good…