Loss of Black Level during encoding



When encoding a DVD tp an mpv or MPEG 4, I notice the the black levels end up being much lighter then the DVD movie itself. Is this normal expected loss or is there a way to improve this loss of black level?


I have noticed the same thing. I requested controls for video settings (brightness, contrast, chroma level and hue) long ago. There may be a problem making such controls apply the same way to all the encoders used in DVD to Mobile.


It seems that all of the mobile outputs results in the same amont of blacklevel loss. Maybe it’s more complicated than I think to adjust for this lost during encoding. :sad:


you will always loose some blackness in any conversion and it seems the smaller the file, the lesser the black. this is how conversions save space.

as for light grey or blue as you stated in my guide thread, thats extreme and somethings wrong.

i just double checked on the movie 28 weeks later, the beginning of the movie has tons of black colors. the black is not a dark crisp black, but a “filmy black”. (not sure if this is the right descriptive word)


Yes I guess blue or light grey is not the best description, but it is just not inky black like the original vob file.