Loss Of Audio Quality

I have a question as to whether there is any loss of audio qulaity when copying a music CD. I have a Plextor 8/4/32a burner and a Toshiba 1212 DVD Rom as a reader I am using Nero to copy a disk. The Image is burned to the hard drive 1st and then back to Blank CD.

I also have other software available to copy the disk. Plextor Manager 2k, Clone CD 2.012, and Adaptec EZ CD CReator 4.1. Is there any advantage in retaining quality from one proggy to another?

Is every disk and exact copy of the original or is there some sort of quality loss when making a copy? Does read/write speed make a difference?

Mr. Ears

You cannot make exact copies. But they are exact enough. The blocks on an audio cd do not have an adress. You are never quite sure of where you are on the cd. This isn’t really a probleem. Most readers perform internal jittercorrection and give you an exact stream of data. But the problem is at the start.
Different readers start reading at different positions in the first block (usually one reader is consistent).
The result is an almost pefect copy, but shifted in time less than 1/75 of a second.
This shouldn’t be noticable when you listen, even after serveral generations.

The read or write speed shouldn’t make a difference, but it could (if the cd is dirty or scratched).

Use a program that reads the cd many times to be sure it is ok.

Test your readers. Extract the audio at different speeds and do a binary compare.