Losing Sound When Ripping to Chapters in DVDDecrypter

I am trying to get my DVD collection ripped so they can be streamed to a D-Link DSM-520 player. It can play VOB files, but not with the ability to forward through chapters. So, what I’m trying to do is rip the DVDs into separate VOB files per chapter. My first case was Coach Carter, and it worked great… except that the very last VOB in the movie was missing sound. I was only able to get that chapter ripped with sound by choosing the 2 channel sound stream instead of the better one with more channels. But that wasn’t too bad. I just tried another DVD - Are We There Yet? - and about half the chapters are missing sound. This process is so simple to quickly rip the DVDs, and I’m not ready to abandon it yet. Any idea how to fix this, or what might be wrong? An otherwise beautiful process is being messed up by this little problem.