Losing Quality

I burn DVD’s which come out with an max pie of 63 and max pif of 2.

But, then i scan the same disc a month later the the pie has gone up to 76 and pif to 12.

Is this normal to get an decrease in quality?

It appears to happen on all the discs I’ve done, so none a safely backed up.

BTW, I have an 811S.

The media is MCC03.

can you post a scan?

the odd pif spike of 12 can some times be ignored.

also what brand are the MCC`s?
and how were they stored?

Here are some scans.

i see no problems with them scans.

That PIF mini-tower you see at about 0.7GB might be a flaw on the disc itself(lint/dust/scratch?) you might be able to see it about 1/2~3/4 inch(12~20mm) from the inside edge. Other than that, they look very similar. If you scan the disc AGAIN, you might see lower numbers…that is just the nature of the beast and these minor differences are certainly within expected variations for this testing method.

Well, if I look @ this scan I see the whole graph lifted up a but… I think its time to question wtf is wrong with all lite on DVD burners :wink:

nothing is wrong :slight_smile:

my 1633@1653 cstj works like a champ :slight_smile:

codeking is the reason why :slight_smile:

You don’t use stick-on labels do you?

i sure hope the person doesnt, they do more harm then there worth lol

No, the discs are datasafe 8x plus. They are the only discs that work well with my 811S.

Here is another disc, this time I have three scans, the first is straight after burning, the second a month later and the third another month later.

It fluctuates so much. But the quality score keeps getting smaller.

in my opinon, that drive may not be the best scanner

here is what u do, scan a disc, then scan another differnt one right after then the first one after that (or do 2 scans back to back of the same disc) and see how much issuses it has then

Are those crappy verbatims you are using ? I’ve seen people around with many problems with them…or perhaps a bad batch.

How are you storing your disc ? Are you keeping the surface clean (dust and scratch free?) out of sunlight and extreme temperature changes ?

It is not normal for a disc to deteriorate in one months time unless you are using those cheap brands and the disc quality is really poor… As to MCCs, should not be a problem. What would worry me is if the increase is evenly spread across the entire disc, particularly the PIF, and above 4. Your scans are within spics for the PI. Afew variations here and there. Try cleaning the disc (inner to outer motion), remove any dust, inspect for scratches and other defects, and try the scan again…

Run a DVD speed transfer test and look for sudden drops in reading speed. The curve should be smooth and gradually increasing.

If the data is intact, don’t care about the graph.

As your scan is good!