Losing files when moving to DVD-RAM in gsa-4163b



Hi all,

Sorry, didn’t know where to look to see if other users have had similar problems.

Just installed a GSA-4163B and was backing up files to it, noticed some problems.

First problem: using Windows Explorer on W2K SP4 to move files from HDD
to (Maxell) DVD-RAM in GSA-4163B. A few times an error would pop up,
in W2K event log it’s Event ID 50, Source Cdrom “Lost Delayed-Write Data”;
here’s the dialog box that popped up:

| Delayed Write Failed : Windows was unable to save all the data for the
| file <full path to lost file>. The data has been lost. This error may be
| caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection.

Please try to save this file elsewhere.

What I found distressing was that the file is gone. No trace of it anywhere. I had heard that DVD-RAM had error checking and so was
safer for backing up, so was disappointed to see this happening. Most
reliable workaround is to do copy instead of move, then check to make
sure everything’s actually been copied.

I know that there’s some related problems out there:

but nothing to specific to DVD-RAM or DVD rewriters in particular; this
machine has been very reliable for a couple of years moving data around
and was wondering if anyone else here has had similar issues with losing
files when moving from HDD to DVD-RAM in the 4163?

Thanks for any suggestions!


This error makes me think you removed the disc while the file was in memory to be written, but before it was actually written. I’ve had this happen a couple of times with Zip disks a while back. If there’s a way, I’d recommend to try turning off the write caching for your DVD-RAM drive.


Never touched the disc; it happened while writing to it and it never
ejected; in fact it continued moving files while the dialog box with
that error stayed on screen.

I think your advice is good, but I’ve forgotten where to turn off
write caching for the DVD writer; any idea where to do this
in W2K?

Thanks for your help!


Well, it’s too early to tell but I may have found the problem.

The version of InCD shipped with my burner was (ca Oct 2004).
I just downloaded the update to, and noticed that in the last
two 4.3 versions there’s a significant number of bugs that have been
fixed, several of which could easily have been responsible for what I
was seeing based on the brief descriptions on the webpage…also seems
to be faster now, judging from copy speed to UDF DVD+RW.

Also, I saw the same error copying to a UDF DVD+RW with the old version
of InCD so it’s simply UDF related and not DVD-RAM specific.

Anyway, my advice is to keep checking the Nero update pages every
few weeks and keep InCD current for the latest bugfixes; I’ll be keeping
an eye on my drive to see if I can trust it to move files but for now
I’ll be copying and manually deleting afterwards.


Why the need for InCD? I use Panasonic and LG DVD RAM drives with Win98, Win2k and XP and have no packet writing software like InCD installed. I just installed the Panasonic DVD RAM driver for the DVD RAM to appear and behave just like a very large floppy (or ZIP) drive. On one PC I have replaced an old Panasonic with a LG 4163 and it works using the previously installed Panasonic driver.

I’ve never understood people needing packet writing software to use DVD RAM. In fact, XP works with DVD RAM with no additional drivers or software needed at all - although I have installed XP driver updates from Panasonic.


It’s because we are writing to +RW as well.


XP can only format a DVD-RAM disc as FAT32, this can be much slower than UDF for transferring large (over 50Mb, IIRC) files.


I was going to say the problem was InCD. I have had many other problems with any version of this and RAM discs. I would avoid at all costs.


I was just facing the same problem, and uninstalling InCD did not help. The error message only went away when I did update the ATA drivers for my motherboard’s chipset.


Get a program called DVDForm it from Matsushita.
This will properly format your DVD-RAM disk, takes 45min on a 4.7GB disk.
Windows and INCD makes a hash of it.
I also had problems with my 4165B drive but now all is good.
It can format in Win32/UDP1.5 and 2.0.

Do a google search for it. “LNJCA197.zip”

I’m on v4.2.2.0

Hope this helps, it did for me.


Can you give an actual URL? The google search comes up empty. :frowning:


Better yet, I’ll host the one I found.
You’ll need to go here: http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index.php?act=ST&f=6&t=7592&st=0#entry18930
And go down to where it says “Matsushita’s DVDForm” this will then link to the prog.
I can’t direct link as our anti-leeching is turned on.



Thanks, mobilenvidia. :slight_smile:
Well… the release note says this is a firmware update for a LVW-5045. I wonder how I am going to format a DVD-RAM with this? :confused:


So you run incd but format with DVDForm is that what your saying? because with incd removed DVDform only formats fat32 it errors on udf1.5 or 2.0


I think I better stick with the Panasonic DVD-RAM driver… Works fine.


My humblest apologies Xterminator, that was the wrong file ( I feel very silly :o )
I have fixed the link with the right file.

Too many things on the go, am benching this drive, and doing the review.

One thing I have noticed
DVD RAM burning is very slow, I used the same files for the DVD+RW 4.08GB (4197 files) and it was still going after 1 hour the DVD+RW was done in just over 20min.
I formatted the DVD-RAM with FAT32 this took 45min as it said it would.

I like DVD-RAM’s HD abilities but copying files to it is very slow, I would say it was only burning @ 1x even though the media is 3x
Must do some more testing.

Once again sorry for wrong file it should have been DRAM4050EXP.exe
The other file is the firmware for a DVD recorder that I was looking at.


Once the DVDForm is installed it will bypass the windows formatter for DVD-RAM and do it properly.
You can still choose between UDF1.5/2.0 or FAT32.

With the Win XP formatter the drive would just turn off after about 20min of copying files after being formatted.
It would require turning the drive on and off to reset it.


I have never had problems with formatting, maybe the problem is in the media you use? I do not physically format new DVD-RAM, just do a soft format which takes a few seconds. The rest is done while writing.
I get about 1.4x speed on a 3x disc, which is normal because of the verification. It takes a while, but I do not wait for it. That is the nice thing about DVD-RAM, it just works in the background and doesn’t need attention.

BTW Never mind about the wrong file, it happens. I decided I do not need it, because the formatting is no problem with the Panasonic driver installed. I just right click the disc in Explorer and choose UDF 2.0. Seconds later it is ready for drag and drop writing.


I don’t know what goes on with your XP but you can find a driver for XP (updated April 05 ) here:



Ah this should be the version I’m after.
There seems to a lot of versions of this driver on the Panasnic site this being the newest so far.

I’ll have a play with this

[UPDATE], this is for Matsushita drives only :frowning: the previous versions didn’t check the drive first.
I can’t get into this file either (extract manually) or I could remake the older version installer.