Losing Audio When Authoring



Hi - I am new to this malarky so please bear with me. I am copying a vhs (wedding - yawn) onto a liteon stand alone burner. No problem. I am then editing the recording - snipping the snow screen at the start/end using dvdshrink. No problem - I can play the file off my hd using dvd players and it is good - has sound and good pic etc. I am then trying to add a menu and chapters to the file. This is where the problem occurs - I am using TMPEGdvdauthor. There is no audio file to select - tried it with ulead dvd creator and the same again. Yet I can play the vob files and they have sound from the hd - so it must be the authoring software not recognising the audio track? Can anyone help me please on this one and give me pretty basic steps of what i need to do. Thanks in advance.