Lord of War problem

I recently copied Lord of War using the clone dvd option and writing directly after transcoding. The movie started having pixelization problems which eventually got worse and then the movie started freezing/pausing so badly I could not watch it any longer. The next day I tried again but used the iso/udf option before burning and the movie is perfect. I did not change my burn speed or media. I was using Verbatim cert. 16x media burning @ 8x and have had good luck in the past. Should I use this prcoess from now on if I am not concerned with the time to burn a dvd? I read somewhere the iso/udf option will prevent making coasters. Is this true? Thanks.

At first I thought it was your media, but Verbatims are just fine. Do you have any programs running in the background - things like Power Management options, anti virus, firewall, etc. If so, I would shut all these down and try again. You could download a free program called EndItAll… it shuts down all non essential windows programs.

Thanks for the info. There is a chance my McAfee security was running. I usually shut it down but sometimes I forget.

i have also had this problem and it didnt matter how low i set my burner to write @ i got the same quality @ 16x as i would @ 6x until talking to one of my coworkers… he suggested that i upgrade my system from 512MB ram to 1GB of ram… and that has improved the quality of my backups a lot. just by upgrading my ram i have noticed a lot better performance gain in my system in general… when i was @ 512 ans burning dvds my system would stay steady around 300MB or so… and with 1GB it stills stays around 300MB but quality has gotten better and all i did was upgrade amount of ram… same company same bus speed.

I have 1gb of ram now and I am upgrading to 2gb this month. I was also told I might be better off trying to write @ 12x with this media instead 0f 8x. I also installed VSO inspector to check for any errors before I watch half a movie and find problems. Hopefully some of these things will help out.