Lord of the rings success

protection SecuROM - 4.83.55 0008
Using Blindwrite

----- Image verification started -----
HD image is OK
Sector: Bad headers 0 - Bad Edc 0 - Weak 0 - Status 1
File systems: Volumes 2 - files 500 - folders 46
Volume size 658066 boot 0 Vol ID FELLOWSHIP_PLAY - 18/10/2002 12:05:00 Status 1
----- Image verification ended -----
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 3 (Build 2195)
Patin-couffin version 8 in use
Blindwrite Version
Cd Unit report started at 10/11/2002 15:02:01

VendorID : “LITE-ON”
UnitId : “LTR-24102B”
FwID : “2002/06/04”
FwDate : “5S5A”
Drivers : 00000000/00000000/0000000000000016
Speeds : 40/24/10/0
Bsize : 2048
Flags : 00000

end of CD Unit report
Unit 3:1:0 - LITE-ON LTR-24102B 5S54 [F]
Writing mode : DAO PW
Physical CD descriptor (BWA) file found.
3372 dual sectors will be added to recreate lower sector densities
Sectors read : 332405
Sectors built: 150
CD is complete

backup works in writer at least without “hide cdr” option and without any start delay.

Well done Blindwrite team!

Poor Sony my heart bleeds NOT!


…and the same goes to Macrovision with their Safedisc 2.8 effort

just a question here I too have had success in copying this title with blindwrite however unless I play it in the drive I have copied it from I am unable to get the game to load in other cd roms dvd drives or writers ? any thoughts ?
also my blindread wont work with the recommended patin coffin layer I have to resort to another aspi layer otherwise the cd wont read whilst making the image?

I’m afraid I can’t help you other than saying that it also ran from an older Teac burner (W54E) exactly the same and that the Liteon hasn’t a problem with the vso driver or should I say the vso driver hasn’t a problem with the Liteon.
Just as importantly I would say is that I am running in Windows 2000 (SP2)