Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King

Originally posted by Artemis_Entreri
Title:El señor de los anillos: El retorno del rey
Release: electronic arts Spanish version
copy protection SafeDisc v-2.9
3 cds; protection on play disk

Sorry, Artemis (are you from REO???) But LOTR:ROTK spanish version is SafeDisc 3.10.020. I think you used ClonyXXL which only detects v. 2.9.

Try another copy protection scanner, as Protection ID 4 :wink:

I’m not from REO.

And sorry.:bow: You are right. I used ClonyXXL to check the copy protection.

Anyway I did a perfect copy with Clone CD version. I didn’t realize that this version of Clone CD could copy Savedisc 3.1.

I used the protected game profile with my LiteOn 52x24x52.

Hahaha, don’t worry. Yes, indeed CCD 4316 can make a working SD 2.9x and 3.1x copies, but I suggest you to upgrade to 4317 version. It’s great!!!

Por cierto, bienvenido y abrazotes :wink: