Lord of the rings . of course there is going to be a game about it

For nice screenshots … look here

One of two high-profile licensed titles EA will be pimping this year (the other being Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets), The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers is geared towards the mainstream gamer rather than the hardcore enthusiast. Atmosphere, not gameplay, is the focus of this title … and what beautiful atmosphere it is. Clips from the movie, tracks from the score, lush graphics and strong sound design help Stormfront Studios capture the excitement of the Peter Jackson movies. Best of all, fans that are aching for more The Lord of the Rings movie goodness will be thrilled at the DVD extras planned for this game.

That looks pretty cool! But why the Two Towers and not The Ring Fellowship?? :confused:

cause all the action happens in the 2nd book and the beginning of the third ;). i think the game starts when the ring wraith (nazgul?) find them on the hill (where frodo gets stabbed in the movie)

Well a LOTR game could be quite nice, but I think it should be an adventure game (like the ones we used to play 10 years ago), with a different story plot, playing in the Middle-Earth atmosphere!

They should make it into a first person shooter/slasher. Sort of like all those games where you control your sword with your mouse.

nah - it should have dice rolls. everything good has dice rolls.

i’m not going to buy it, i’m not going to copy it, i’m not going to download it!
Im not going to see the movie, I’m not going to hear the movie, i’m not going to read about the movie.
I think i’m going to read the book!
Well, i know it for sure, i’m going to read the book (for the seventh or eight time :wink: )