LOPEZ - J to tha L-o

does anyone know which protection this is…it says “will not play on PC/MAC” .
is it one of the audio protections that a Plextor burner can write but a Liteon burner can [i think i have a way round this, but i need more info first]
The cd wont be recogniosed in
(a) my Liteon 24102B or
(b) my Mitsumi 4804te

I didnt even know that was protected, I’ve got the mp3’s :)@192kbs and works wonders for me. Wonder how the guy who ripped them done it???


This cd has Key2audio protection, a hardware based protection, some readers can read it, a lot of readers can’t… Apparently this cd of J-lo has version 3 of Key2audio on it… don’t know what this version differs from others. I think I will buy this cd myself to do some research.

dont bother, i got it sorted. i reinstalled a 50x cdrom and it happened to read the disc fine.
I copied it , but "sector 0"was unreadable.
Here’s the settings used [my clony wasn’t working right]:
[u]Read[/u] (the options that were ticked)
Read suchan. data from audio/data tracks

[u]Write[/u] (the options that were ticked)
Dont repair subchan. DATA
Close session.
First clony 2002 said it was Key2audio protection, but then
Clony v2002 and 2006 said it was unprotected audio cd.:confused:

The indication " will not play on PC/MAC" is an indication for Key2audio. Check the innerring of the cd, it will probably state Sony Music or Sony DADC, this is also an indication of Key2audio.

clony said thats how u can tell this protection too :o

Clony isn’t always right, especially because new versions of audio-protections are developped which aren’t properly recognized by Clony.