Loosing sleep over this one



Using Nero7
DVD Decrypter
Double Layer DVD+R by Memorex

I have yet to burn a successful DVD. Constantly receiving burn errors and having the disk ejected. Decryption is good, movie will play on computer, but Nero is having problems burning onto a disk. I’m ready to junk this entire machine. Advice, anyone?


don’t junk the machine, junk your crappy media.

memorex is absolute junk.

verbatim are the best DL discs at the moment. none of the other brands really match it in quality.

also, remember with DL burning, you have to make sure your program is correctly handling the laye rbreak. i wouldn’t use nero for dl burning.

use dvd decrypter to rip in ISO read mode then load the .mds file back into dvd decrypter (or into ImgBurn if you have it) and burn in “ISO WRITE” mode.

this .mds file has the layer break information to send to the disc that way the layer break will be in the same position as the original.

sometimes if you put in your own layer break or if you let the program pick then you’re running the risk of placing it somewhere that will cause erros on the disc.


Thanks for the tip Reasons. Just as soon as I put my machine back together I’ll give it a shot


What can I do if I’ve already used Decrypter and have the Video_TS files on the hard drive? How can I convert Video_TS into an ISO file?


There are many ways to do this, including with Nero7.

One very easy way is to use ImgTool Classic.
Get the Classic 0.91.7 version - not the ImgTool Burn 1.2.1 version.