Hi all,
Is there any way to have a movie repeat playing once it gets to the end? You know, just loop over and over. I have all the standard freeware tools.



Start --> Run --> mplayer2 --> View (Menu) --> Options --> Playback (tab) --> Repeat forever --> Ok --> Load clip --> Press play button


Hi DiiZzy,
I mean from a DVD that is burned from ripped files and played on a set top box.
Anyway thanks for the quick response.



Oh, sorry :slight_smile:
Unless the player supports I don’t think it’s possible. You could probably mess up the dvd’s index slightly and by doing so confuse the dvd and get the result you want. I have no idea how you would do it and still have a somewhat working disc though.


If you authored your dvdr, then re-author and link the end of the last chapter to the start of the first chapter. It will then llo for ever.

But if its backup copy with all menus, extras, etc then IFOEdit is the program to use, but DiiZzy says, I also have no ide where to start looking nor what to change.

Check your DVD Player Setup, there may be an option in there.


Hi Guys,
Over the weekend I did some searching and came up with this. Open the IFO file in IFOedit and find the PGC Command Table, and then use Add Command to add the loop command. But the dvd that I want to loop has no PGC Command Table, because I find the sentence “There is no PGC Command Table” where it should be. Does anybody have a workaround for this?