Looping DVDs

Hey all
I know this is possible but I have no idea how to make a continuous (looping) DVD

Like if I get 3 clips (VOB) & burn them, how would I make it so once they are done, it will jump to beginning & play again


dvdlab can join 3 vob sets and if you didn`t have a menu it will play continuous.

Thnx for quick reply
Although I know there are programs available that will do it (esp on Apple, quick search on net shows so many!) what Im more interested in is the actual logical commands
Like how I can edit the IFO file to loop a movie

If you want to modify the binary data yourself to get this done, a copy of the DVD-Video specification is probably the only way to get it done correctly. Do you have access to this spec? If no, then maybe someone else here does and can do the investigative work for you. My guess would be that the last NAV pack of the video stream would need to point back to the first NAV pack/video stream. But, this is only a wild guess…