Looks like SD 4.6 is getting hard to beat

For the first time, my Liteon 166S is starting to have problems reading SD 4.6 backups consistently. The images are fine (whether made in 1693S or 166S), besides all the blacklisting problems, but when burnt, even at the slowest speed (8x), the 166S, which could formerly read every Safedisc protection, now fails about 50% of the time (or slightly more). -the normal ~dxxxx.tmp crash.

It was able to defeat safedisc 4.50 (Dragonshard), but it required a 8X read and burn. Burning faster than 8x caused the tmp crash.

But with SD 4.60 (Need for speed: Most wanted), even an 8x burn isn’t perfect…the disk passes sometimes, but other times it just crashes (maybe 60% of the time). I have a feeling that SD 4.8 or SD 5 won’t work at all anymore ;(

A shame, really, as I was able to burn SD 3.15 versions at 32x without any issues and my 166S could read them fine. (the last SD 3.15 backup I made was of the Doom 3 CD).

Anyone else starting to see difficulty with the newest safedisc, even with SD 2.90+ capable burners and good readers? I thought the 166S was invincible… :frowning:

Hmm I must have read the image too fast or done something else wrong.
I just checked my other SD 4.6 backup of Call of Duty 2, and that authenticates in the 166S fine, (but the original CD authenticates MUCH faster), but that backup was also burned at 8x.

Oh well, I’ll try again. But even COD2 fails at high speed burning :slight_smile:

I just backed up my copy of The Movies using the Safedisc settings on Alcohol 120% using my LG TS-H292. I had the read speed set to 52x and the burn speed set to 32x.

It seems to run perfectly.

I ordered Call of Duty 2, and received it but… the dvd format !!! Impossible to copy. As soon as I insert it in any of my drives, Alcohol sees the drive as a 128 X drive, and of course you cant’ lower the speed!!!

Aren’t LG’s supposed to be one of the best readers? Is that the drive you’re using to read the disc?

Of course my burner could be at fault, too…but I do know that copies won’t always read on some hardware. My spellforce: OOD backup won’t authenticate in my friend’s crappy sony CDR drive (can’t even install the game on it–Securom complains about the disc), and it causes his USB Panasonic lightscribe drive to just completely freeze :stuck_out_tongue:


Believe me or not… I was able to make a working backup of COD2 DVD with … DVD Decrypter !!!
This copy is perfectly working with my Liteon 1693S, my benq 1620, and my philips 1648 and with my daughter LG DVDrom !!!
It doesnot work with my old 1633@1653
I set the ISO read mode file splitting to : NONE
and I unchecked all the removed option checkboxes!!!
I read at 4 X, and burnt at 6X (with my 1693S) on a RicohJPN R02 media set to DVDrom.
Of course you will still need a NOCD if you want to play in solo!

With CoD2 multiplayer you dont need any disk, and with solo of course you would have to use a illegal NoCD crack. Therefore copying with DVDDecrypter is no better than just copying the files to the hard drive and burning back with Nero.

Hehe…that post about dvd decryptor was funny.
I don’t think any version of COD required the CD in the drive for multiplayer… :bow:

Yeah, I did use my lg dive to read it.

I don’t know if you are talking about my Post, but I said its required to play in SOLO!