Looks like Nero to be released

Came across this link for Nero
You have to select the file you want to d/l

Thanks! :slight_smile:


my dad will be glad if i d-load it for him… i don’t use nero 7 any more, but my dad does… :wink:
thx for the info

yep thanks just downloaded and all seems fine for now

Thanks, getting it now :slight_smile:

Please let us know if it will work with DVDShrink or DVDD or IMGBURN.

Appeared also on the regular update pages now: :slight_smile:


[li] It was impossible to edit an audio file anymore once the audio file has been added to a compilation
[/li]> [li] When ripping tracks, it was not possible to create a new folder from within the save dialog
[/li]> [li] In rare cases Nero crashed when getting free drive space
[/li]> [li] Encoding of single tracks was not possible - only all tracks of the compilation
[/li]> [li] Burn process may have failed in case a saved project is used and if the process will be started within 4 seconds. The error: ‘unspecific recorder error’ was displayed.
[/li]> [li] Last position of the window is not saved before closing the application.
[/li]> [li] Video CD menu entries were readable in preview, but not on the burned Video CD
[/li]> [li] Virus scan did not work with ZIP files
[/li]> [li] Nero did not detect any CD/DVD device if 3 or more devices are connected, but the virtual “Image Recorder” only
[/li]> [/ul]



Just ripped a movie with Shrink, after applying the Nero update, to find out. AFAIK, without testing the disc in my standalone, it works just fine with Shrink. :slight_smile:

Not sure about DVDD, I don’t have it installed after replacing my HDD…

Eltranquil, thanks for posting the changes/bugfixes - I was about to ask!

Then this might be the version I have been waiting for. I currently am running and in order to burn with Nero and rip with Shrink you have to do it separately from the Hard drive. How much is the upgrade to the new 7 version from 6.6.14?

has anyone tried to run Nero Recode as when i go to open up the copy dvd it wont open up is anyone else having this problem thanks


You are probably best looking at either a Compusa, Best Buy or the like ad…with rebate, you will most likely get it cheaper at a store than from Nero…All you realy need is the serial # and you’re good to go…I know that you do get a decent savings just purchasing the serial…and with an upgrade to boot…check…but I still think it will be cheaper retail…


I didn’t install the Recode portion, or I’d test it out for you. Sorry!

Recode works fine by itself. They fixed the problem with it ignoring the preferences. Are you talking about using it with copytodvd or by itself?

by itself it just wont load when i try to copy a dvd will uninstall and try again thanks for the help

the update via Nero ProductSetup still does not work.
always quits with a “http-connection cannot be established” (free translation from german :wink: )…

I looked on the ftp site and there is nothing in the Nero Web folder at present. I guess this is where the ProductSetup will get it’s updates from. Hope they get it working soon. It looks like you will be able to download just the parts that need updating once it is working. That would be a nice change from downloading a 100+ mb file every time there is an update.

I’d also like to see the product setup function working. Everytime I try it, I get a cannot connect. It’s looking for a HTTP site. It didn’t work for the last version and still does not work for this new version. I sure liked the way Nero 6 updated. It showed the current version and updated to the newest version. With Nero 7, you have to do the complete install (like you’re doing it from scratch) with no mention of what version you had.

They fixed the problem (bug!!!) with the 2-second gap in audio CDs too.

The Nero Recode II is great !! You have choices with iut. If you choose to do two passes it REALLY looks fantastic. It also does a great job with the shrinking porcessed if you want DVD-9 to DVD-5.

Also, I have run it with Slysoft’s AnyDvd and they work great together.

Another great program is Nero Express 7. It is simple and works much easier than I ever would have thought. Very high quality.

After playing with all sorts of different tools, I am rather amazed that Nero Recode makes for incredible quality.

On price, are you a student ? Do you have a student in the house? Youo might get some discounts on it. But with everything that it has, it is well worth it. This is from someone who complained to Nero several times about how much I had to pay from upgrading from version 6 to 7 and I did get a discount on that.

I believe the prist price you will get is with downloading. Also, rebates are a ripoff and should not be included as any type of discount on the price of any item. I am constantly amazed how people have gotten trained to accept being ripped off and bothered. It’s insane.

The cost of any product is Simple how much money you have to give the merchant to obtain the product.
If you want to deal with all you have to deal with to get a Rebate, that is a totally seperate issue. If you get it, after going through the mailing process, and making a copy to protect yourself, then calling or checking online if they sent it and usually waiting three months for this reward, then go for it.

It is more like a vendor reward deal, like mailing in boxtops from a cereal box, but it DOES NOT decrease how much an item costs.

You can’t fax in rebates or enter them online. But do some cutting, etc. Like I said, a vendor reward type of thing.

They were set up because retail stores didn’t like having sales on items. They want the full retail price, which they get by fooling the consumer. But the manufactorers sometimes want to lower the selling price of an item or lower the price like they have done with sales, for years and years.
The public has bought it, hook,line and sinker, although far less than 1/2 of rebates ever get paid. There is a Senator from New York who is finally looking at some federal legislation on the “con job”.

How come supermarkets immediately reduce the price on items, with coupons, then the Supermarkets wait to get paid from the vendors?

I am sorry to say that it is due to poor consumerism.


Anyone know if it fixes the mp3pro.dll skipping issue?