Looks like MY Dream for ADSL is coming True

Remember a little while back, I got in touch with Oftel regarding certain ISP’s not being listed for people to sign up with, but were being forced too sign with an ISP not of their choice, and therefore the uptake for my area was very low, about 40ish.

The good news is that I have been to check the list of providers offering ADSL and the 3 missing ISP’s are now listed and in a matter of 10 days it has jumped from 48 to 100. Now if I my instincts are right, I think ADSL should be good for the middle of December, early January 2003 at the very latest. So it would seem that being polite and persistant has paid off.

Greets too all from The Happy Diplomat:D

Congrats !

Hmm another 7 have signed overnite, this is indeed looking very promising.

Greets too all From A Very Happy Diplomat:D