Looking to upgrade mother board & CPU

I want to change my motherboard and CPU but im not sure what to get i like Asus Motherboards and am using P$P800 SE at this time but not sure wether to upgrade to the new 775

I will be using the pc for Video Editing and photo editing as well as other stuff like gaming music conversion.

Im thinking of going for 64bit / Dual Core (I have the os for that anyway)

But i also wnat on the board PCI slots more than just 3!!!

Anyone know of a real good Asus Mother board

Also want at least 4 ATA ports


There isn’t a mainboard in their current lineup with those specifications.

You can have a look at the MSI K8N Neo2-series (nForce3) if you’re OK with AMD. No PCI-Express (but 5 normal PCI-slots) and only SATA150 (no NCQ), but you’ll be able to re-use your AGP videocard and DDR memory.